There I was, mind on the absolute white-sheet blank, a scribble of musics writhing about in the huge empty space of my hollow memory, a tangled mass, noise-less, love-less, thinking; “just what in the hell am I going to write about this morning, man? I’m fucked”.

Sure, there’s plenty of amazing music at my feet, songs I love, albums yet unwritten about. But I was at a crossroad: great release here – but two months overdue. Excellent single there – but no way to embed a link…

And then Klunk came along.

The ears grow telescopes that channel through an elastic forest of synthesized swells, found sounds and modal tapestries. Spluttering echoes of jazz onto an electronic bed sheet while dancing in copper shoes. Growing hydra heads from the belly of sonic mutants that piss wet showers of hiss imbued granular glitter, chewing your ears like the inside of lo-fi death skull.

Norwegian jazz of the youth. Or is it? I mean, a description like that tells some secrets: this dude doesn’t reform, this dude is about art, about the abstract and the obscure. Or is he? My ears have never grown telescopes but they’ve most certainly birthed kaleidoscopes that funnel over a taught wood of hammered pits so I think I can empathise and get down on his Klunkular level. Get Klunk in the morning funktastic, you Dig Dug?

Most of you, at this point in reading, will be thinking; “what the fuck is this nonsense?” and that may be true fair, fickle, internet readers, but it doesn’t mean that nonsense, in this instance, isn’t non-sensicle! But, instead, perhaps the most sensible approach in describing this creature that I know nothing about! For t’was he that followed me, t’was they that displayed themselves as prey for my aerial receiver-dish ears to devour, and I was hungry.

In all honesty, it’s been a while since I’ve had a day off smoking grass and my head’s somewhat muddled on these grey misty mornings, seriously though, it was fucking blue skies roasting yesterday… But yes, my mind isn’t set to ‘sharp’, it’s easier for me to write nonsense than constructive criticism.  Seriously though, incredibly soulful jazz-infused jams from this guy, diamond floating rhythms to make your heart melt.




Your thoughts?

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