Dillinja – Brutal Bass 2015 Remaster

“DILLINJUH!!”. “Dillinja!” they cry. Just the name gives me shock-wave reminiscence of wench Mic Controllers, like Det or some shit, the Skibbas and the Brockies, the Shabbas and the Fatman Ds, Eskamns and Fearless MCs…

A grinding clatter of industrial steel, drums poisoning a tent thick with the fog of perspiration, jaws chomping down on invisible belts. We all raise fingers and scream for “REELOOAD!!”s when the harassing drop-kicks us in the stomach.

But before all that hype, go way back, where the sweat was just as heavy and the bass just so tasty, but the jungle rhythms were pure.

This 2015 update from the Metalheadz camp for the YouTubers. Get your digital mitts on it here

More Metalheadz 2015 Digital Remasters:

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Your thoughts?

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