KeOSz – Insecure LP

Shhh… quiet…

One week today I wrote about another beautiful KeOSz ambient piece, Insecure. The Slovakian has been lavashing these arid lands with washes of time-lapsing audio – now compiled into a fantastic 9-track LP, titled the same as the track covered last week, Insecure.

Some say it’s the food to sooth the soul before sleep, others say it’s the un-certified soundtrack to a sci-fi indie game called Harrowing Creatures of the Planet Zuer. I say it’s nine tracks of a music unexplored, territory unknown to so many, so strap on your space suit and float into the void and beyond…

Though, if you’re short for time and can’t commit to a long-haul flight, you can take the short trip via this 5 minute blend of the entire thing:

Name your price on the album and make a purchase/free grab here

Read our interview with KeOSz here



Your thoughts?

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