Estère – I Spy (Paddy Fred Remix)

Once upon a tune I had this beat by an NZ fella called Paddy Fred. It was a really fresh, organic and chopped electronic-hip-hop piece that I rinsed out time and time again. The tune was called Pilgrims and you can download it for free, via XLR8R, here.

For reasons I can’t really explain, I never further investigated Paddy Fred, Pilgrims lingering in my digital collection, slowly buried beneath a-couple-more-years’ worth of new music. Until this morning.

A Remixed album is on the way, the works of Wellington singer/songwriter, Estère, re-muddled for the LP titled New Species – and Paddy Fred was given the raw ingredients to start cooking up his own version of Estère’s I Spy.

Soul-filled, jazz-laiden beats that coerce the mind into the warm relax of Summer. West Coast inspired beats from across the ocean, borne on the little island that we love so very much: New Zealand.

On my unexpected return to Paddy Fred, I have no choice but to clear the diary and make room for the long-awaited musical appointment, with this beat Doctor, so fresh. Time to sit down and dedicate a few hours into exploring what else this dude has to offer.

But in the mean time, for you, sweet listeners, invest some time into more soul-touching New Zealand-grown fantasticness.

Outside of the producers themselves, check out the musical likes of our own NZ writer, Vince Art, hereOf all the guys we’ve had on bored over the years, Vince gave us, and me, some of the best music we’ve ever hosted. I wonder if we’ll hear from him again. I think he’s writing a book or something.

But as for artists from New Zealand itself, I suppose you could start with the original version of I Spy below.

And don’t stop there, the track is one part of a 7-track album well worth investigating. One to keep the sunshine smiling.

Then there’s the beautiful Mahalia Simpson, another New Zealand gem bringing more soulful female Jazz to the table, her own works, covers and remixes. She’s gorgeous and her music is a perfect mirror of such.

Another New Zealand producer blowing my mind, as recently as Estère, is Project Mooncircle’s Groeni. His latest release, the Hewn EP and personal favourite, The Oak, have been on repeat in my lists for just-over a month. Electronic, haunting folk-infused garage of the Synkro/Burial sort. Enchanting.

And last but by no means least, one of the early days Bite the Belt faces – Module. A sound designer from the little island whose musical pallet is as multicoloured as they come; classical, jazz, pop, electro, house, ambient… I may not love all of his works but I do love the vast majority. Take a gander at this post I did back in 0’12 and work your way through my selection of his best, including a wonderful piece for Erykah Badu.

It would seem that the fair isle is chock filled with budding producers and performers all innovating in ways beyond so many others. Considering the proportionate scale of NZ, in comparison to giants such as the US, it would seem that there’s more peng-per-square-mile in the Kiwi kingdom than there is anywhere else on the planet. But that’s just an assumption – the world is our musical oyster, turn an eye away from the charts every now and then and you’ll soon find it out for yourself.

Big ups to New Zealand.



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