My Panda Shall Fly – Light Under The Door feat. Troels Abrahamsen

Another singular from the hugely anticipated whole: My Panda Shall Fly’s Too. An album due to drop on the wonder-lust Project Mooncircle, on the 7th of next month (07/04/2015). Just in time for a hugely unanticipated return to work after a hugely re-anticipated 4-day weekend… Easter Weekend. Large!

This one features a “Channel 4” style music video, as described by the all-knowing Dr Lean, accompanying the soul churning vocals of Troels Abrahamsen… as if I know who that is. Undoubtedly, he’s more than likely a highly renowned, revered and adored vocalist/artist – my ignorance causing projectile spit to velocitate out of the learned. And it wouldn’t surprise me, given the incredible nature of his harmonies.

The track itself, 7th in the listed line-up of Too‘s exploration of our darkest fears and worries. An album delving into the depths of the collaborative artists’ subconscious, the reigns in their hands, Suren (MyPanda) braced in the sleigh, hauled along for the ride: a steadily paced creep into, what feels like, woe. But just wait until those lower frequencies unearth themselves from the broken digital landscape, uplifting and warm.

A beautiful piece with an enchantingly obscure video, from Antonio Roberts, featuring endless patterns of “impossible” physical nature.

Hugely anticipate the full album right here

Josh’s Panda Shan’t Fly


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