More Metalheadz Remasters

The late evening of yesterday: Dillinja makes a 2015 remastered appearance on the legendary Metalheadz.

The label seems to be on a mass-remastering mission to bring their old vinyl works up to digital speed, allowing those without turntables to savour a high quality cut from the big Metalheadz pie.

This time around it’s a complete revival of Dillinja’s 1995 release, The Angels Fellthree outstanding, raw hitting bangers that I suggest you slather over, via all of the players surrounding this textual content, roight noi!!

Oh snap! Just realised that our dream-date-doctor has one on the table n’all…

Twenty years on and the Headz are still rolling in the wilds and heading the pack, in the forward march that is Drum & Bass progression. Two decades on and the label is still just as respected, just as feared and adored as a formidable leader of this broken-beats wolf pack.

Check out our interview with Doc Scott, as a heavyweight figure in the original Metalheadz camp, for a glimpse into the life of the label, from all of those years ago.

You can find the rest of the remasters Here & Here



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