Best Youth – Mirrorball

I feel regrettably cringe when I say this but… Drive!!

OK, so it’s about time that the pop-retro revival, that the 2011, Gosling-starring film, Drive, gave to the every-day person, stops overshadowing the facts: retro-electro-dreamwave/indie-pop-rock et-cet-er-ra, have been lurking around for years and bloody years, in somewhat of a musical sub-culture. The fantastically scored Drive only gave us a glimpse into that world of flashing neon pink and vocoded female sass. So when we hear a tune that resembles a 70sinto80s revival of hot steaming electronic sex, we shouldn’t be even thinking of Gosling casually stomping on someone’s face with the hard heel of his leathery boots. We should be thinking about a whole world of music just waiting to absorb us into its smoke-machine depths.

Still, it would have sounded awesome in the soundtrack, right!?… I’m definitely right.

Best Youth

Following the release of their recent single, Red Diamond, this is the second track and setting piece from their Debut album, Highway Moon, which will be landing on our shores on the 30th of this month (March).

An incredibly grooving and moving “electro indie rock / dream pop combination”, as they describe it, from Portuguese duo, Best Youth, comprised of vocalist, Catarina Salinas and everything-else-man (guitar, keys, synths, programming, more vocals), Ed Rocha Gonçalves.

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