Mix the Belt Episode 009: Ilk – Guest Mix

Mix the Belt Episode 009 Cover Art

Never have we received a mix like this before – and from someone so ridiculously under the radar – ‘oh the times, they are a’changing!’

I may well end up saying this for every consecutive mix that lands in our laps from here on out (as I did kind of say it last time…) but for the breaks fiends that we are, this one surely deserves the comment, right? Hands down the best mix we’ve had in through the doors – without a shadow of a doubt. And not only that, but the best drum & bass mix we’ve heard in too long.

Who is this kid? And why isn’t the scene lapping him up like a delicious ocean of hot melted fudge horse?

Astrophonica‘s big dog, Fracture, dropped a track on Rinse FM a couple of weeks back, Ilk’s Future Shapes. A gem in the set that left me feeling rather moist.

But it didn’t end there. See it was such a banger that I just had to investigate further. The completely undiscovered powerhouse, Ilk, is bursting at the seems with supreme beats; making ridiculously fine-cut, chopped jungle-screaming drum & bass/footworky/breakbeat crossover sounds (similar to the Fracture/Moresounds/Om Unit noise) all over the place!

And we just couldn’t resist an opportunity to put him to the Mix the Belt challenge – let’s see whether his mixing transitions are as smooth as his production.

You be the judge…

SoundCloud – soundcloud.com/theilk
Twitter – twitter.com/ilkbeats
Facebook – facebook.com/ilkbeats


01. Ilk – Future Shapes [Unreleased]
02. Ilk – Themes International [Unreleased]
03. Ilk – Nowadays [Unreleased]
04. X – Nation – Big Or Small [Dub]
05. Ilk – Make U Mad [Unreleased]
06. Dj Hype & GQ – Roll The Beats Remix [Suburban Base]
07. Dream Continuum – Set It [Planet Mu]
08. Om Unit & Sam Binga – Onionz [White Label]
09. ST Files – Crackden [Soul:r]
10. Digital & Morphy – Shanty [Exit]
11. Junglistic – Who Is This? (X-Nation Remix) [Jungle Rollerz]
12. Double 0 – Your Dreams [??]
13. Heavy Stereo – Run [DSC14]
14. Panic Girl – Blue Lights (dBridge Remix) [.shadybrain Music]
15. Spirit – VIP Dial [Inneractive Music]


Your thoughts?

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