Nuage – Cloud Maps [3×12″ LP Project]

Cloud Maps Nuage

Oh my goodness gracious sweet graceful me!

We made a few folks over at Translation HQ have a little gush yesterday, after we dropped some kind words, deservedly so, on the latest EP from the shining talent that is Quentin Hiatus. Well, this morning I was having a little smile at their latest press release, because they’d quoted our gush-making piece, naturally, and as my mouth smiled my eyes found some news on our good friend Nuage… good news on a good friend indeed.

We spoke to Dmitry (Nuage) right at the start of this year, an interview that gave us whiffs of what has now come to waft assertively up my nostrils. Dmitry has put his hands to work on a wide variety of electronic formats over the years, but it was originally Drum & Bass that led me to the resonant Russian rhythm writer. But DnB is by no means his primary focus and so he’s compiled all of his previous Drum & Bass works (all digital releases) into a 3×12″ Vinyl LP… of which there will only be 200 copies.

But who better to explain the project than the man himself?

Cloud Maps is the highly appropriate title for this 12 track selection. I believe that, even without the title, in listening, my mind would be awash with floating thoughts, drifting through the soft white fluff of our upper reaches. I think that you can credit that to Nuage’s love for chimes/xylophone style plinkety plonks – a childhood innocence, interwoven with the fine threads of his weightless 170 tracks. Always more “Clicks & Bass” than the typically harder hitting percussions.

If the two samples above aren’t enough to convince you into purchase then you’re not worth the sale, however, if you’re wholesomely enticed then my friend… become one of the 200 exclusive owners of this vinyl triple plate wonder (mastered by Critical Music‘s Enei, by the way…) and click on the link below.

click here to order your copy!

I’ll leave you with one last track, though you can sample the whole LP, clouds, maps and all, here.



Your thoughts?

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