Metalheadz Remasters Various OG Vinly Classics

A crowd of die-hard Metalheadz fans, ash-stale men & women still recovering from the 90s’ Jungle-to-Drum&Bass transitional mayhem, are informed of the remastering return of various OG Headz classics in full 2015 digitally accessible splendour (pictured above).

I wrote about the Your Sound remaster one week ago today, little did I stupidly know that this was just one of a series of recent remasters from the higher powers at the Meatalheadz master suite.

In all honesty, Metalheadz have been remastering and repressing their most diamond releases for a long time now, which, I suppose, could be seen as a bit egotistical… a bit “Yeah man people love our shit so let’s sell it them again mate… every five or ten years should do…”, a bit re-sale, a bit of extra pudding in the pockets of puffy pilfering pricks after your hard earned paper…

It could be taken like that…

If it wasn’t a completely different story all together.

There’s no fat cat in the Metalheadz camp, no surging business motive over-arching the primal desire to feed bass heads with serious Metalheadz flavours; that raring, industrial clatter that is their signature sound. There’s no ego-feeding, only fan-pleasing. This is an infectious nostalgic trip for a wide-spread pallet of musical fans, delivered via an alternative sound-spin on their most adored, revered and cherished tracks of the dusty past – if you’re wax-to-the-bone then you can stick with your wax copies/keep up the vinyl hunting adventure, though if you’re pretty digitally exclusive, you now have the opportunity to drop the past without having to cringe over a shoddy vinyl-rip.

But it isn’t just dreamy crate digging: Goldie and the Metalheadz crew can remaster their early works because their sounds of the past are just as relevant today, over two decades on, as they were way back in 1994… they’re Timeless

All copies available from the Metalheadz store, just click the link below.



2 thoughts on “Metalheadz Remasters Various OG Vinly Classics

  1. Love to see these new masters of older tunes. Thanks for bringing these back. BTW, LOVE that pic of Goldie at the top. I almost lost my shit.

    Liked by 1 person

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