Quentin Hiatus – Passive Boycott EP

Quentin Hiatus, owner of Free Love Digi (home to Sinistarr, Duo Science & Dominic Ridgway to name a few), is new to my scope. He cropped up on the radar as a promotional blip last year, since then I’ve been sent three or four of his EPs and let me tell you this: I have a new favourite Drum & Bass producer.

Passive Boycott is a return-release on the Washington DC label, Translation Recordings: the embracive arms of the sweet Nuage, who we caught up with recently, about his own album release on the label. The EP dropped two days ago (16/03/2015) and I gave it a good run-around through my new KRK Rokits last night… oh my days…

What is the EP? In short; it’s an absolute warhead of a title-track, followed by two transitional rollers that bridge towards a closing half-time stomper.

In reasonable length: the opener, as heard above, is twelve thousand tons of stuttering drums atop surging bass in a half-time assault on your soul. If this Passive Boycott isn’t doing the rounds in the major stomping grounds of every club in the reputable 170-world already then something is seriously wrong with the industry.

Then there’s the mid-section; the two rollers, and I mean no disrespect but I’m just going to leave it there. They’re great tracks that, of course, I’d launch about to in the rave, but the reality is that they sit between two leviathans; two tunes that would make for pinnacle points in a set, tune’s that you ask about perhaps during or after first contact, cupping your hand as best you can around your mouth as you try to gently shout “Y’KNOW WHAT THIS TUNE IS MATE!??!?” into the ear of the closest stranger, tunes that you scour Youtube for in a desperate search for shaky phone clips of the night, in the hopes that someone grabbed ‘that beat’ in action and someone has already asked for & received/given the ‘Track ID’… So let’s let the rollers roll on and jump straight to the closing point.

The final piece of the four-bit action is called Keep It Gangster and when you feel the future-funk of those half-time drums come hip-hopping their way all over the place you’ll succumb, unquestionably, to the concept of the track: Keeping it G… Think Ivy Lab’s Sunday Crunk, think Dexta’s Mukky Riddim, think about the kind of set-changing stompers that dropped out of almost every Fracture, Stray, Om Unit, Alix Perez & Halogenix set of the past two years. Boom!

A big beastie but by no means the ends of this man’s genius, as I said, this is just the latest in a long line of incredible works.

Get your copy of the Passive Boycott EP here

And get all over Quentin Hiatus right here – quentinhiatus.com



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