Fracture X Chimpo – Hard Food [Not the official video]

Good afternoon sparse readers of Bite the badass Belt. I feel like your reputation is slipping; I’m hearing whispers on the playground that you’re all going soft. So I’ve decided to throw this meaty new beat from the Astrophonica/’post-Neptune-associate‘ big dog, that is Fracture, and greezy, northern monkey-man, Chimpo…

It’s called Hard Food.

If you’re familiar with previous works of the two then you’ll be able to rummage through the mind-vault and build a sturdy picture of what the final show might be like, but for those of you that don’t: Fracture’s a self-appointed super-freak with no real grasp on the concept of “making shit beats” and is consequently a thunderous force in “banger-building”, Chimpo is a filthy street-fox turned UK lyrical craftsman, they say he was once scampering about a MacDogs eating throw-away chips when he stumbled across a Rare Candy, scoffed it and immediately evolved into the Chimpo that we know today.

I hope that clears things up for you? If not you best just hit play instead…

Get the full, three-track EP here for more broken-ape madness.

Alternatively, if you can’t be arsed with muddled beats, watch this video of Cab Cabernet being a connoisseur instead.



Your thoughts?

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