Groeni – The Oak & the Hewn EP

I haven’t fallen for a tune like I have for this one in a long, long, long time.

NZ boy Groeni has been whiling away at his sophomore Project Mooncircle deliverance, sat at the bottom of active stratovolcano, Mount Taranaki, in the comfort of his mumma’s house. The Hewn EP is, by far, worth your adding to the collection but if ever there was an introductory starting point to a release it’s this track right here, The Oak.

Soft male vocals, a folk inspired performance, reminiscent of my Bon Iver days, a swooning lump in my heart swelling at the sound of guitars gently weaved around synthetic bass. A kind of Burial/Synkro “South-London” garage feel yet off kilter in the ever present sense of a burning fire and old felled logs… I’m referring to the acoustic/folk nature of the track, here. Not just random forest hate.

I love stumbling across electronic music negating “DJ Friendly” confines, dancing around the idea of “club tracks” built for the dance floor, electrically charged creatures built in band-associated ‘song’ structure. In no way is this track “DJ Unfriendly” but I don’t think it was built by a brain thinking about heads on the floor getting their sweat on, I believe this EP was constructed with much more in mind.

Get your grubby little paws on a copy here

Joshua Tree


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