WW 2.0 – Prepare yourself with this Guy Wampa VIP of Before the Love Goes

There’s something stirring in the wwater.

Last night a roof terrace was swathed in the dancing feet of music fans a plenty – swaying to the hypnotic rhythms set out by the WW ensemble.

We’ve written about these heads before and consequently we’ve been lucky enough to sample their up & coming compilation, WW 2.0.

Described in complexities that I’ll snap down into a few easily digestible sentences… this is not just some compilation, this is an album designed to be experienced from start to finish, in all of its 40 minutes of glory. One story that takes the listener on a journey unlike any I’ve experience in a long old time.

The WW vision is a boundless genre, slapping cool in the face and instead, setting an open field for artist experimentation and listener exploration, entwined in an ever evolving family that is WW Records.

The album begins with acoustic/electronic lunatic Sam Mumford and his disconcerting Before the Love Goes and in honour of the release, the WW heads have laid out a VIP for free DL which you can experience above.

Hands down, this album is one of the best I’ve heard in a long time, watch this space for news on the release and maybe even some exclusives…

Prepare yourselves, a storm’s’a’coming!


[Update – listen to the full album here]



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