J Majik – Your Sound Remix 2015 Remaster

Back in 1995 there was J Majik, a figure many would recognise as one half of the J Majik & Wickaman production duo that brought us Crazy World in 2007, but whom too few recognise as a staple producer that’s been rocking out since the dawning days.

And if you really do “rock out” with your Drum & Bass production, what label do you turn to? Well Metalheadz of course…

Yes, J Majik, like so many others from the period (Aphrodite, Fresh, Andy C etc.) hasn’t always been glossy colours and teen-tickling melodies, the guy was once as dark and greezy as the rest of them, a jungle demon haunting the broken & beaten forests with sheer rhythmical velocity. In 95 the track Your Sound saw it’s original release on the Gold-man‘s Metalic Nutcases imprint, two years on, 97, Majik sprinkled a remix on our hearts and the track had a second wind, the Your Sound Remix. Now we’re pushing 20 years on, 18 to be precisical, and the digitally embracive label has dropped a 2015 remaster on that 97 Remix… and as you can probably already tell, assuming you’ve clicked that sweet old play button, it’s dubiously delicious.

To grab yourself a copy head right over here to the Headz store and crack on with a delightful 320 Mp3, WAV or FLAC download of this original 90’s beastie.




Your thoughts?

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