Dexta – Mukky Riddim / Tempest Dub

Dexta Mukky Riddim Tempest Dub Cover Art

Bristol’s None60 dropped a lion into the January pit earlier this month, and it’s been chasing me about for weeks.

Claws fully extended, the giraffe-affiliated, Different Music co-founder, Dexta, has pounced on Grime and ripped open a new Drum & Bass breathing hole in the likes of ‘NSY13’, his début release from the west-country imprint.

The two tracks landed on the 12 of this month and were welcomed with wide open ears.

‘Tempest Dub’ is the leading title track, “-a grime and dub influenced track that I built up from a beatbox recording from my phone, which you can hear in the intro and in places throughout the song.” and a sound that perfectly compliments the explosion of large noise seen rearing out of 170 in 2014 – you can draw similarities in the recent Stray & Alix Perez works on Exit, in Sabre’s Yoga and Halogenix’s Porcupine on Critical to run some examples. A monster 85 track.

Then there’s ‘Mukky Riddim’, an “-interpretation of Grime music, but in a tempo that is more native to me and my DJ sets.” My personal favourite on the EP and one I’m keen to catch live, see what DnB’s finest Mic Controllers can throw down – I expect big things

You can get a hold of the EP for a ridiculous £2, though it’s name your price and if you’re not too skint, you know they deserve more. Get your copy here.

There’s more from Dexta to appear on None60 this year so keep your eyes peeled – though with noise like this, it would be hard not to.



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