mUsa – The New Kid on the Block

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Sup lunchtime goers? Crackin’ out some kind of crazy sandwich to fill your rumble-jungle belly and smoking a sensual cigarette to calm your work-trodden nerves? Well hey, I’m down with that.

And you know what would compliment your brief but oh so sweet moment of work-break contemplation perfectly on this very particular Tuesday? Well let me just nestle into the hour and slip you the secret…
mUsa press shot
Few weeks back I mentioned some kid of seventeen years old who’s making fresh beats and spitting fresh bars all over the frozen musical isle, and the isle is all like “What the fuck is all this fresh getting sprayed all up on my frozen fantazmurraz?” and this mUsa kid is all like,
“It’s mUsa baby, get the hell out my way with your stagnant cold product!!”… and we love it.

I’m not really implying anything here by the way; that the industry is frozen and mUsa is a wand-waving power-wizzard splamming hip-hop magic all over the globe, the reality is that it’s the early morn and I’m feeling wild – embrace my wild being! And whilst your grappling with my raunchy self open up your brain holes and let the porous nature of the mind absorb, what genuinely are, fresh beats and fresh bars excreting steadily from a very young and talented individual who’s draped over the ever expanding new-world of hip-hop in the most splendid of draping ways.

Now if you like your beats sealed and pre-made, dropped in the ding-machine and slipped out in a rubbery three minutes that’s cool by us, enjoy what processed hash-job of a ear-feeder you can but if you’re looking for something healthy and nutritious that’s sure to pick up your slobbery body and tickle it sweet with endorphinised energism particles and massage your cranial brain sack to a state of better being then head on down the mUsa isle and start devouring everything in site.





Your thoughts?

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