Break – Temptations / Right Now

Symmetry 019 Break Right Now Temptations

Set the time switch back near-five-years and I was on the Break discovery path. With the release of the monumental ‘Resistance‘ album, my Drum & Bass life was changed for good and absolutely for the better. The name was impregnated deep into my young tender brain and the bar in the DnB game was raised sky high.

Since then I’ve seen drips and drabs of this once-God-like figure but nothing ever sparking my enthusiasm for beats like ‘Resistance’ once had. However, over the past twelve months or so there’s been somewhat of a return of the name, Break, to my 170 collection with his Symmetry 017 release, featuring the huge dance floor soaring rhythm ‘Duck for Cover‘ – and what a welcome return it’s been. All due respect to Symmetry as a label but I’m so pleased to see the illusive owner pulling his own name back into my books.

This month saw the release of his latest works in the form of Symmetry 019 with the two track EP; ‘Temptations / Right Now’, landing on the 22nd. Track one, ‘Temptations’, is a little techy number, a roller flush with dips and dives that’s sure to keep the ravers bobbing until served the real feast, ‘Right Now’. A Junglist’-inspired Industrial-Break beasty that suggests to me that, although ‘Resistance’ isn’t going to get a second re-birth, a new day has come for the producer and right now we’re at the Break (Yeah that’s right, I said it) of it’s dawn.

Grab your copy right here



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