Lightless Audio Preview

Our boy and musical extraordinaire, Fanu, just dropped us this mysterious video with not even a whisper-of-a-hint as to what it is.

I mean the video title says it all; our Finnish friend is clear teasing us fevered fans with this fiendishly freesh [sounds-like: Quiche] flick that looks to be… sounds to be… a right naughty new set of beats on the way from the label that is Lightless. Perhaps a single? Maybe a new EP? Even an LP? But from who? And when? Who can say…Lightless Logo

Well my sweet chikkas of the internet, we bloody well can.

But for now you’ll have to unbuckle your leather trouser holders and chomp down fucking hard whilst you keep your eyes infinitely glued to us here at Bite the Belt as we’ll be having our second chat with the man himself at the very start of the new year.

Hold tight and have a read through our last interview – should be more than enough to satisfy util then.



Your thoughts?

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