Introducing: PRTCL – Who’s This Hot New Shot?

I’m under the assumption that you’ve already pressed play on the above track titled 7th street and are now undergoing the reading process. If you haven’t followed these steps then you’re already horrendously out of the loop – as we have been in the, only recent, discovery of London producer PRTCL.

The producer at hand followed us ever so graciously on Twitter and in return I checked out his profile and investigated further into his musical creations. At this point, having listened to a few of the beats, I knew I had a new favorite name in DnB. But who is this mysterious artist? How haven’t I come across this credible producer until now? So I figured I’d drop the guy a message and find out.

So Joe… Just who the bloody hell are you?

Hi people, I’m Joe, and I go by the producer name of PRTCL (pronounced Protocol). I’ve been making music for about seven years and djing for about eight. I won the Outlook festival vinyl only mix competition last year, released my first solo EP earlier this year with Flexout Audio entitled ‘Sonic Imperfections‘. I’ve been collaborating on some productions with the likes of Sweetpea over the past 6 months and I occasionally play records on the mighty

OK so how long have you actually been in the game and why haven’t we come across you yet when it’s so apparent that you’re making such wicked tracks!?

Thanks mate, I’ve been releasing music for about 2 years now. It might be down to the fact that there are so many sub categories and tribes within the genre and we end up listening to music from the people we know and love so much that we sometime forget to venture outside of what we know. We are creatures of habit at the end of the day.

Embarrassingly true I’m afraid – stoked that we now have you on the lists! Who’s been giving you support and have you anything on the horizon to watch out for?

PRTCL BridgeWhere do I start…I’ve had a huge amount of support from the likes of Tom Retraflex of Flexout Audio. Variation, Danwell and Merlin who run a night called ‘Grooves’, which I played for earlier this year. Also a few dj’s have been playing my beats. B Traits played one of my more vibsey numbers on Radio 1 back in September, London Elektricity played one of tracks on the Hospital podcast earlier this year and Mauoq has played a few of my tracks on his Mixcloud podcast. A big shout to anyone who’s been supporting my tunes over the past few years, you know who you are.

I don’t have any specific releases that I can mention right now, but all the music that I’ve been working on for the last year will be forthcoming at some point next year. I’ve been chatting about releases with a few labels only this week, so keep an eye out on my soundcloud to stay up-to-date.

We and yourselves included, would be idiots not to. This guy clearly has some fresh talent and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for next year.

But it doesn’t just end there my sweethearts oh no sir! You didn’t think we’d let Outlook 2013’s Vinyl Mix Winner just slip on by without dropping us a mix of our own now did you? Because we most certainly didn’t and you can check out the raging beast in all of it’s glory right here – right this instant!

Until the man’s further releases you can purchase his debut Sonic Imperfections EP here

And if you need production assistance then Joe runs a wicked blog for just that – well worth a look



Your thoughts?

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