Mix the Belt Episode 008: PRTCL – Guest Mix

Mix the Belt Episode 008 Cover Art

About a week ago I discovered a new artist. One week on and the man has compiled a mix for us that, he claims, may well be his best to date. We, in concurrence, claim that this may well be our best submission to date. Mix the Belt just upped its game, tenfold.

Outlook ’13 Vinyl Mix Winner and Rude FM London boy PRTCL is a name to watch out for. Backing support from the likes of Tom Retraflex, London Elektricity & Mauoq this lad is cooking up some serious beats in the kitchen and we’re lucky enough to have a few tasters right here on Bite the Belt.

From dubstep to drum & bass – welcome to the journey…



01. Perverse – Sub continent
02. Kaiju ft. Flowdan – Hunter
03. Perverse – Tesla
04. Genetix – Natural State
05. Ipman – Raindance
06. Dark Sky – Zoom
07. DJ Madd & TMSV – Difference (J:Kenzo remix)
08. Thelem – Petrichor
09. Biome – Genesis (Played at 45 rpm)
10. Bredren – Rotten
11. Dub Phizix – Bounce
12. PRTCL – Dub Thing
13. Break – Condensor
14. Gerra & Stone – Droneheads
15. Shiver – Solid State
16. Break & DLR – New Design
17. PRTCL – Chasing Shadows
18. Cern – Tiamat
19. Co:Lateral – Toe Tagger
20. Ulterior Motive – MIR
21. Maztek – Slinky
22. Hyroglifics – Terra


Your thoughts?

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