Seba & Paradox: Secret Operations 021

Secret Operations 021 EP Artwork

Dropping on Monday like a disgusting pick-me-up for the week to come – Seba and previous-Bite-the-Belt-interviewee, Paradox, are back in the studio together for the first time in three years. The results culminate in the form of a new Secret Operations EP and I can assure you that it’s everything that you’d expect to hear from the power-house duo – unquestionable breakbeat supremacy.

Techno over-tones roll out over opening track Delusions – a terrifying bleep pulls the sense of traditional broken beat rhythm away towards something far more sinister. And then there’s Future Now, a wobbling warrior of face smashing snare velocity complete with drop-accompanying American dialogue sample snippets – naughty.

We managed to get the chance to ask Secret Operations label owner, Seba, himself a few questions about the release before it lands on the 8th (December):

So how does/did it feel to be back in the studio again with the drum-technician-extraordinaire, Paradox?

It’s great to be back with Dev. We were planning to do some more tracks this summer, but I went on US tour. We still got some sketches that needs to be arranged and mixdown properly, so expect to see some more work soon.

What are these two tracks/what do they represent?

“Delusions” is inspired by minimal techno. It’s a perfect fusion between the analog feel of techno and the retro d&b feel of breakbeats. “Future now” is a typical Seba&Paradox amen track, with heavy distorted bass stabs. This is the sound that we are associated to.

Favorite out of the two?

I must say that “Delusions” is my favourite, even though it’s not the most popular one on this 12”. It is more experimental and that makes it more interesting for me. I like trying new concepts rather than trying to recreate a working concept that I’ve already explored several times.

Stay locked in to stores and the Secret Operations website for purchase – get rinsing on the SoundCloud link below to sustain yourself until then.

Secret Operations – Secret SoundCloud



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