Nuage – Prints of You OFFICIAL VIDEO


Jheezus! This one’s a real Friday night gut warmer before a heavy one wherever it is you may be heading. And if you’re not heading out for a wild one then that’s no problem, because just as equally this’n’ll lift your spirits and mellow you back into your comfortable sofa position with gracious ease. It’s the calm before, after and without the storm all rolled into one. I well rate this video as well, largely just on the segmented strips of film that split the image into pieces at times and the occasional rippling-rift-in-the-data effect applied over the calls of that bass-  the gut warmer I mentioned earlier. Also I love the fact that there’s a big old chimney in it because I watched some fucking ridiculous video of a dude scaling a disused one earlier and it was fucking mental.

Nuage is a sick dude and we actually interviewed him last year, video and all. In fact, he was one of the first people we ever interviewed but unfortunately the reel never made it to the site. The guy’s a non native to the UK and though the fucker put the graft in answering all our Q’s in English (Though I did say, before he took to the camera, that he could just answer in his native tongue – I forget where he’s from, I’m pretty sure it’s an Eastern European get-up – and just supply us with some subtitles, his written English is absolutely spot on.) it just didn’t make for great viewing. And for some reason it just got dropped, I don’t know why we never followed it up. I’m sure I suggested it but it kind of just fell behind the settee like a fiver that you love but sadly forgot about. But I never forgot you Nuage and after a ridiculous amount of releases from yourself since, all of which have been stupendous… we’re coming for you again son!!

Also jokes that you’re being repped by Warren Morris at The Playground now, I used to intern for that guy. And he used to be in this boy-band with Ziggy from Big Brother back in the day, y’know, when Big Bro was new and watchable. Even more jokes.

Get your copy of the Prints of You EP here – Digital / Vinyl

Nuage on SoundCloud



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