Exit vs. Headz

Before the Beginning…


“Our labels have kicked us into the deep end. Sometimes creative types need to be forced into a tight-spot in order to reshape the landscape.” 

Mark System 19/11/2014

Many, many moons ago, in a time now belonging to the annals, two young men, lost in the spiraling decay of their era, took to the craft in defence of their freedom. They flew to the art, grew to the dance, embraced and became ambassadors of the form known as drum & bass.

Uncomfortable with its current state, one sought to alter the face of jungle – to structure a new design of the likes never before imagined within its uncontrollable writhing framework. The other, wrapped in the clattering bang and wallop of a collective now heralded in the 170 halls of fame, but ultimately, for him, a cage best escaped. The success stories of both of these mythical individuals are the sorts told in great revere; circles of men and women sat comfortably while returning to earth after the long hard night, whispering to each-other in hoarse voices, drawing thoughtfully on carefully crafted zuggas, pouring over the legendary musical feats, then and now, of these two glowing entities. Melting at the thought of these two forces still easing the industry this way and that with deft fingers, innovating and invigorating with unfailing relent. Standards never waning, credibility constantly waxing in the light of the burning eyes of so many listeners. Listeners all desperate for more. These two beings known as Goldie and (the*) dBridge.


In the time that followed these creatures of the craft forged their own paths and eventually their own cultures. Their own citadels with which to father their sound, doors open to anyone else who shared in the same dream. Arms wide and ready to embrace any other with the minerals to expand these honoured imprints. Imprints known to the world as Metalheadz and Exit Records.


Representatives of these two great cities have come and gone, as does change rippled across all things in time. But those that currently reside are of a quality unrivaled. The Skeptics and Strays, the Kids and the Chimps, the Doctors and Phizixions. Those with Ulterior Motives. Those sworn undyingly to Om. Some are Fierce and some can Fly. Some can Fracture the earth we walk on and others can alter the very System of our lives. Bring the Storm. Catch the Calibrecorn. But ultimately paint the world Gold and Bridge the gap between the norm and the new & unknown.

And now, in the dying light of the year Twenty Fourteen, some twenty years after the foundations of Metalheadz were built, just over a decade since the ground-work of Exit Records began, the two world forces will collide and combine to host one singular night of un-fathomable depths. Musical might beyond anything any commendable dnb head is ready for. The whole Eastern front of the great London Capital will collapse under the weight of undulating sub-frequencies and the stomping of feet as the select children dedicated to these great names come together to dance.

Exit vs. Headz.

Two old friends sitting down together to swap tracks and nod heads as they share anecdotes of the past and take a quick breather to see how far they’ve come. Though the reality of the situation sees two labels brought together in unholy audio dispute, their respected ambassadors taking to the stands, one representative per label standing side-by-side, both laying hands to the deck with swarms of onlookers drenched in secreting awe as a sea of moving bodies for one night of continual back to back sessions of the likes we’ve never seen.

A line-up so obscene it’s as if it was put together by the gods themselves. But then, in our eyes, these two old friends and their two reared children are like a touch on the higher levels. So in that… this night has been put together by the Gods themselves. How could it not have been?

But hey, let’s not get too serious about it aye? Old friends are the best example of people all too willing to give each-other some shit. Leave you locked outside of the car in the rain when you unwillingy leave for a piss. Put things up your nostrils and draw profanities on your slumbering corpse when you’ve K.O’ed after a night too heavy. So as much as for us and the Drum & Bass time-line, this is a monumental moment in history, it’s also all a lot of fun. A cheeky bit of sport. I mean it’s b2b sessions all night long but they didn’t call it Exit B2B Metalheadz now did they? They assert, in both title and line-up material, the good old rumble in the rough and tumble jungle term “VS” baby. This is Exit Vs. Headz. And shit’s going to get real.

If you’re some isolated baboon man and haven’t seen this ridiculous set-up yet then you can shake a glance and quake at the table of challengers below.


Yeah you don’t have to say it. It’s fucking ridiculous right?

So how could we not take it upon ourselves to scour the net in search of email addresses to ask these patented warriors just exactly how they’re feeling prior to battle? Those with tickets at hand, like us, will be on the brink of climax with excitement at this very moment, I’ve nearly came about three times tonight already just thinking about the P-Rez slugging it out with Om Unit. So how are these guys feeling? Are they fighting fit and ready to rock? Are they bristling with uncontrollable excitement? Are they still awash with disbelief at such an incredible night to come just like us? Well we asked them, and this is what they had to say:

“This is going to be an amazing night. Dom & I are awaiting health & safety approval for entering the stage on white Bengal tigers and we’ve sent in the technical spec for a 360 klutedegree spinning platform set up with 14 decks. Each. With the basics covered we feel confident that we will reach our full potential.” – Klute [Metalheadz]

ecb43bbabd985c4b95cd390b41ded2a1“It’s no surprise that the idea has come around – We all expect these two top-class labels to be imaginative and pioneering. Concepts like this one don’t come out of stagnation. The event proves how healthy and robust D&B is right now.” – Mark System [Exit]

7498e323-53b5-4425-bd62-9ed822b47295“Klute you better be ready, i’ve had a good season, training well, feeling stronger than i’ve ever felt….see u in the ring. And bring me a drink from the bar while ya at it mate.” – Dom & Roland [Metalheadz]

halogenix650x2                                         “R.I.P. Chimpo, that’s all i can say…” – Halogenix [Metalheadz]

Low-qui430“Exit Vs Headz is going to be serious! Bragging rights for the year ahead are at stake so I’m expecting the DJs to pull out all the stops to hurt the dance properly. Can’t wait to be part of it all.” – LowQui [Mic Controller] 

loxyustour2013                                                                                “Exit vs Headz Def one I’m looking forward to got an arsenal of beats to drop so it’s definitely off and poppin lol” – Loxy [Metalheadz]

123496652_1“Super excited about this night as much as you guys probably are. When I got this booking through I started writing specifically for this night so I can’t wait to drop them. I’m up against my good pal Paul Jubei, there’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition” – Skeptical [Exit]

lenzman“To me this Headz vs. Exit night is sticking two middle fingers up to the mainstream’s attitude towards Drum & Bass music right now and bringing some of the scenes best artists together in one place for the biggest line-up I’ve ever been a part of.  To go back to back with Calibre, one of my biggest inspirations as an artist, is incredible. No war chants from me, I’m about that lovers rock.” – Lenzman [Metalheadz]

There are just two sleeps to manage until sleep is out of the question and from ten pm until a fresh six in the morning we can only dance, shout, smile, nod heads in quiet approaval, point fingers of salute, bow in revere, sign for reloads and hug strangers because you love them so fucking much… all night long. In possibly the freshest venue I’ve come across in a long time.

A friend of ours and Black & Blue co-founder, Jay Perspective, DJ’d there recently and he said it was sick. There’s also another incredible night that’s cropped up there on the 6th of next month – Ninja Tune x The Hydra – Machinedrum, Lee Bannon, Bonobo & Falty DL to name but a few. What are these Studio Spaces? So Fresh and so Fine? Playing host to some of the best events I’ve ever seen? So secret and serene.

Anyway… two days. Two days to do your core stretches and get a new pair of cheap, but comfortable and reasonably cool, creps to see your tested paws through the night.

But if you just can’t wait that long, like us, and already you need just a taste of the royal feast to come then you’re in relief-riddled-luck my friends. As for just those teaser-taster purposes the two Label Owners themselves and assigned lieutenants – Goldie coupled with Jubei and dBridge with Skeptical – will be vs’ing it out for two delicious hours between 11pm tonight and 1am, hosted only by the one and pro-cheif SP:MC. And if that’s not enough of a Exit-Headz preview to ease your body from anticipation to relax-nation then you best get the fuck out and leave you greedy swine!1470113_10154831948170158_250536249469812812_n

Unless of course being subject to a good couple of hours of divine experience will leave you so hungry for more that you might actually suffer a cardiac arrest then probs best you don’t listen in man… and go speak to someone man, that’s an unhealthy obsession…

… but understandable.

Go grab one of the few remaining tickets over here or else be prepared for a half dozen decades worth of inescapable regret and heartache.




*He’s often known amongst certain circles as The dBridge

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