Social State – Microdot Monday – FREE DL

Shake hands with London 170 newcomer Social State. Little is known about this beautiful rare steak but one thing is for sure; man is sizzling up a right beaut right here right now! Get your fork sunk deep into in the tender riddims of this prime-cut-of-a-taster-session right here and let the juices run free. You might as well, it’s Microdot Monday after all and it sure as hell tastes a thousand leagues delicious and sounds just like a retro-funk drummer lost in the dreams of a circuit board. Much nicer than Carppacio which I tried for the first time last wednesday. Nothing wrong with rocket, extra v olive oil, Parmesan shavings and a heavy dusting of sea-salt and pepper-corns but wagwan with the beef? I knew it was going to be raw but in my mind raw beef still tastes of beef… in my mind raw beef tastes like Spanish meats, paper thin slices of salty meat goodness. Carpaccio is actually near-10-mm-thick cuts of squishy meat pulp that tastes of absolutely nothing but the seasoning that it has to be drowned in. I mean I ate the whole plate but fuck that shit.

Stay away from Carpaccio and instead get involved in Social State; Enjoy the whispers of a Hip-Hop love affair not too dissimilar to the production of our most beloved Stray. Immerse yourself in vibes that echo the broken frequencies and disconcerting dreams of the Project Mooncircle crew. Relax back into another retro mind-reel music video and even more delightfully so… grab a copy for free download from the fella’s SoundCloud or name your own price on the dude’s Bandcamp. EZ.

JOSH (Sick pics on here btw… is he some sort of artist as well?)


Your thoughts?

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