Tuesday Chart – UK Hip-Hop


This week’s Tuesday Chart pays homage to the finely crafted vein of Hip-Hop here in the UK in tradtional Tuesday Chart style; a fine personal selection from a few of our squad members. Indulge accordingly below:

Swash Johnson: Lee Scott & Illinformed – Sunshine [Blah Records]

Matt McLong’ed showed me this bares ago and have been meaning to post about it since. What better chance then a UK Hip-Hop themed Tuesday Chart? Ridiculously slumpular beat and grunchy lyrics. Your mum thinks you’re a nob’ed!!

Patrick P. Fitzer: Edward Scissortongue – The Calculator [High Focus Records]

Stark production and bleak, abstract imagery are what Eddie here consistently brings us with his tracks. For me High Focus Records are the essential go to label when it comes to UK Hip-Hop and what more explanation do i need than the above video?

Smithy Shoestockings: Skittles – Bluse [Estate Recordings, 2012]

I’ve had Skittles’ album, ‘Poor With £100 Trainers,’ in my iTunes for a couple of years now and keep getting drawn back to it. The range of emotions he takes you through on just one LP is skillful. This is the closing track and probably my favourite. Nice voice, nicer flow.

Leech Jackson: Skinnyman- No Big Ting [Low Life Records]

lil’ Bo Gurns: Rejjie Snow – Snow (My Rap Song) [Kaya Kaya Records]

Stay breezy you cunts.



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