Dub Phizix & Strategy – Buffalo Charge OFFICIAL VIDEO


I love it when things get silly. Silliness is what holds us together in the face of a life of unavoidable serious and horrendously boring tedium such as filling out paperwork for insurance you didn’t really want or fighting with animals that aren’t very interesting. Some people might consider fighting a zebra pretty exciting, well I’ve been fighting my way through the mammalian sector for years and I can tell you that after having fought a couple of horses, a very small and mistreated donkey (I felt bad about that one, but I needed the cash and Hero needed the exposure after a short career as the front-donkey for The Brooke’s Donkey TV Campagin), a reindeer and a Hot Chocolate Moose, scrapping with a zebra was like going to a familiar chain restaurant and eating the most familiar dish on the menu, despite hungering desperately for the most exotic and extraordinary cuisine available. But like I say, luckily we’re blessed with splashes of silly to wash away the dull-and-done-before and the Mancunian-grown music video for Mancunian-made Buffalo Charge is just that, a good old healthy splash of stupid.

Even the tune itself is stupid. And I don’t mean that in a derogatory way, it’s called Buffalo Charge man, it’s got a weird clonky-plonkety body with wild bleep-blomps for hair and a broken-pixelated face that keeps chanting “Buffalo” over and over again. What’s not stupid about that? It’s that grand idea that music doesn’t always have to be mad serious and ‘moody’ to be cool. It can be well goofy and mad and people will still rate it hard. What’s worrying though is that despite being all a bit of a giggle I immediately started to question the bovine beasts in the video as to whether they were actually buffalo or not. I’ve never seen buffalo with such short clipped horns and genuinely, for a while, thought that they were just a slightly more hunched looking bunch of cows. It was enough to make me start thinking about how to go about commenting (on YouTube) about it…

Even when thrown a silly towel sometimes all we can do is find a way to bring down a great bucket of soaking wet serious all over it and fuck up everyone’s day. I’m sorry I almost did that, after a long inspection I finally realised that they were buffalo and after a few more moments thought I realised that it doesn’t really matter anyway. What matters is that this video’s well jokes and so is the tune. Yes Dub Phizix & Strategy, smashed it again.

You can buy a copy of Buffalo Charge for £2 right here. 


…. Ahh man I just can’t restrain it!

It does matter!! It’s a track about Buffalo. You couldn’t get away with cows. You couldn’t get away with Bison (even though I think they’re more sick). You couldn’t have gotten away with a load of Wildebeest. It does have to be Buffalo and I’m glad that no one cut any corners there. If they had there would have been severe commenting punishment of the likes you’ve never seen! When you’re doing a video about a distinct creature you have to use that creature and that creature only. There are very distinct differences between the many bovine variants… I should know, I’ve fucking fought them all in a massive free-for all melee!



Your thoughts?

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