Custom Made Music – October Sampler 2014


Back in April I done some bits on the subject of Indie-Pop/Shoegaze business. Many months have past since then but I found a little twinkle in my inbox the other day, a fresh October Sampler from one of the labels I covered way back when, Custom Made. As far as I know these guys are real low on the radar, representing fresh bands of a similar caliber, but that’s not to say that they don’t deserve to be much less under the radar. And by less under the radar, I mean less low, so more high… perhaps even above the radar?

It’s true that the mastering isn’t up to high-end scratch with the majority of these records, but then these guys are, as I said, well, well below the standard radar level and you’ve got to give them some slack. Clues in the name really, ‘Custom Made’. I’m making wild assumptions here but I’m guessing this is a label making little or no profits, representing guys and gals chasing the musical dream outside of shitty day-jobs. I’m guessing the label owner/s probably have shitty day-jobs too. And I won’t say I love the whole LP because I don’t, some of the stuff just isn’t quite there for me, but a lot of it is. And so here you go Custom Made, a post that you fucking deserve. Keep trooping on, label, artists and all!!

An emotional tear of pain from singer songwriter Tom Caley who’s album you can buy here

 Then They Flew is a musical project comprised of five instrumental fiending musicians whose exploits you can explore here

 “Sleeves really started in the summer of 2014. It more and more became an ambitious musical project combining ambient soundscapes drenched in the blue veil of sleepless nights, a steady pulse and the glittering heat of feedback guitars.”

Think this pondering little track matches up with that description nicely.

Probably my favorite track on the sampler. Real Tropical Indie vibes, that surfer sound, that rolling drum beat, those vocal effects. Though ideally music for the summer, I can hack a dark rainy drive to this one. Get more of these LA boys here

A Hungarian rock studio project in collaboration with artist Cousin Silas in full ambient action, serene midnight dreams and no doubts about that space imagery either, space vibes all over this one. Pengx1000.

A project from one of the key project members in the above, Musicformessier, project. Guitarist I. S.S. going solo-peng with more ambient loveliness.

And we’ll end the whip-through of the sampler with the final track, Lada. More instrumental funkadelic tropicana rock from Lisbon trio Prado.

It’s not music where you stop what you’re doing and think ‘Dude this is the fucking one!’. But if you’re not tapping a toe, bobbing your head or drumming fingers then you’re a fucking liar. This is good, relaxed, cruising music. Switch off and unwind with unsung talents from across the globe with credit due to the hero’s fighting their corner down at Virginia Beach, Custom Made Music.

Never overlook the little ones.



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