Plasma 002: Sabre / Cruel Culture & KeOSz – Yoga / Threatz EP [Plasma Audio]


Months and months ago I was all over this mix that Stray boshed out for Rockwell’s Radio1 show, it featured stompers from across the unreleased globe. Unknown Halogenix, Foreign Concept, Stray and Sabre beats that had us all going wild but none of us could touch. The majority of that mix is now out and available, all bar one. One track that kept crumbling through broken roofs and enveloping all unfortunate enough to fall under it’s weight. A tune so G. A tune so nasty. A tune so heavyweight monkin that you damn near fall apart whenever you hear it. “But what’s monkin?” you say. Well it’s this young child… it’s this Sabre sound right here…

Yeah monkin in every single way right? It’s just huge, it’s a half time stomper that shudders the earth with every step and in three weeks time the people of the world can finally put their grubby little mitts all over it. But wait a second… is this not a Critical release? Is this not on some obscure Sabre label? Is this not an Exit teaser? No? It’s a… Plasma who? Well I’ll tell you…

From what I can work out, and there’s not too much to go on so bare with me if these details are not only vague but also misinformed, Plasma Audio is part of a brand known as the Plasma Collaborative, it’s not just about the label but the clothing, production tutorials, sample packs and studio based in Melbourne (Oztraileeyah). And for a group so unknown they seem to be doing pretty well for themselves. Being, what I think is, only two years in they’ve already got some pretty meaty heads on board including Icicle, Amoss & DLR. Now including Sabre and more interestingly – KeOSz.

The more stripped-back and subdued side to the EP, but in all honesty, as much as I rate the riddim, it’s the man/men behind it that intrigue me far more. Cruel Culture is new to me, a German (Bavaria) with a naughty techy style that has clearly grabbed the attention of Slovakian KeOSz, or perhaps the other way around? Either way, these two have collabed on a wicked two-track EP six months back in to 2014 and another single release on Mindtech records last week. But let me just put some focus on this name KeOSz for a second. I think my first encounter with this gent was through fellow Slovakian, iM3, who has worked with KeOSz before on his previous label Darktide Recordings. Since then I’ve been following this guy and his works, not only is he a sick producer but a sick graphic artist too and as much as he can whip out a beautiful D&B track he’s pretty hot on his ambient/soundscape tracks as well which puts him high up in my books.

Don’t just stop at this single EP with KeOSz, let this be a gateway forth and beyond…

882905_404492756345278_871544724_o 886495_411002919027595_327512811_o 903541_416750901786130_1519057800_o

Plasma Audio SoundCloud

Cruel Culture SoundCloud

KeOSz SoundCloud

Sabre SoundCloud



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