flies+flies x Nick Roberts Live AV Installation

In the still warming month of August I got zinkled a linkle about a slick new emerging band from London that I’d previously heralded earlier on in the year. The arthouse group have once again tickled my fancy with more gutted bass and fancy pads, though this time, it’s a live performance.

I meant to post about these boys immediately, I meant to find someone to go with me to watch them gig, I meant to grow a bigger beard and let my hair grow out a bit more but sometimes thinks don’t always go the way you thunk they would, so here we are, I never saw the live show, my hair is no longer, trimmed my beard on Friday and I’m posting a few months late but does it really matter when the show is this good?

It was March time that the flies+flies boys gigged out an arts space in East London, Limewharf. Set-up as a multi-room walk-through installation (sounds fucking sick!!) designed by visual artist Nick Roberts the show basically had the band playing inside a mad large plastic projection cube with just silhouettes and morphing imagery/colours visible to the crowd. Like I said, sounds fucking sick and if you’re not already watching the video, looks just as sick in reality.

The featured track is called Sinkhole and is a taster edit of some new unreleased material from these mysterious creatives.

Hats off again to these ones and I do hope I really do see them soon.

Also keen for the beard tbh.




Your thoughts?

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