Ellis Meade – All I Can Do

We’ve got this guy who hooks us up with loads of promo material for assorted D&B labels, with the occasional extra. In no break to the marital rules, between DnB heads and Hipple-Hopple, he recently threw a cheeky Hip-Hop link in with one of his press releases, a week-or-so ago, just because he rated the track highly and wanted people to hear it. Ellis Meade; staring in, rapping in, producing in, directing in, editing in and even founding (in) the Manchester-based label that the beat was released on – sick label might I add. Yes Ellis Meade! BIG man!

Knowing next to nothing about the world of rap-ripping and lyrical-word smithery I can’t really comment – all I can surmise is thinking that ‘this track is sick!’ Though my good friend Mattongus MacLeanback says that one of his good friends knows one of this guy’s rapping buddies (as part of a collective) who’s, like, pretty tough and shit, then another one who’s a massive blazeman and then Ellis who’s apparently well safe and down to earth’n all that. Well, Ellis, I rate your push bike and I rate your zoot, I rated the beats and my friend’s friend’s comments on your general personality – so nice one man, big ups! Been well feeling this one for a few days now, I hope you do too…

Room 2 Records



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