Revived Vol. 3: A Tribute to John Coltrane

As some of you probably know and most of you probably don’t, Bite the Belt has some strong ties to the city of Nottingham and it would be cruel and unfair of us to go another second without tipping our hats to all those involved with the Mimm Collective. For those in the dark, Mimm endeavours to bridge the gap between art, fashion and music  through a variety of mediums from club nights to art exhibitions and they have acted as an invaluable platform to a growing number of young talents to have come out of the midlands in recent years.

Mimm’s reach is not restricted by geography though as is proven by their recent partnership with Texan hip-hop producer Philippe Edison who has just released an interesting EP in dedication to the late jazz great, John Coltrane. You can expect the smoothest of rides through jazz sample heaven as dream like piano chords and angelic saxophone’s are cut up over tight rhythm’s. My attraction to this EP though, blooms out of its imperfections, it sounds as though Philippe knew exactly what sounds he wanted to use and would not be deterred by background noise or the clatter of other instruments, and its these ghostly additions that really give the music its fluid and organic vibe.

Through browsing Philippe’s back catalog it is clear to see that this isn’t the young Texan’s first dabble with the immense world of Jazz as his Soundcloud is littered with remixes of tracks by the likes of Charlie Parker and Wynton Marsalis. If these are the sort of vibrations that get you excited give him a follow on Soundcloud and be sure to keep your eye on Mimm as well as I know for certain that they have some hugely interesting projects coming up in the next few months, but more on that later…

You can go pick up Revived Vol. 3: A Tribute to John Coltrane over here, for as much or as little as you see fit.

And you can go have a browse through the artwork, records and garments being stocked at Mimm in here.

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