Mix the Belt Episode 007: BOXIA – Guest Mix

Mix the Belt Episode 007 Cover Art

You like the sound of broken beats chopping away at each other in combination with stone-solid bass-like grooves, the ominous feeling of a mid-90s rave ghost pouring through your mid-21st century soul as you pound it out on the floor, eyes goggling and fingers trembling, in a sweat-box dungeon of a venue with smoke-machine veiled strangers and strobe-swathed blurs of your possible friends? Well then you’ve come to the right place.

Today we introduce London boy Boxia and his instalment in our feverishly delightful Mix the Belt series. He says his musical style is within the “Gully, Jungle, Techno, Dark House scene” and we dig that. And considering the banger’s he’s produced and delighted the likes of Rinse FM & Radio 1 with, we thought we’d give him a shot.

“Mix of the biggest tracks I’ve been playing for the last 6 months or so. Starting at 125bpm up to 135bpm. Consists of old and new tunes and edits from 1992 to today.”

Expect industrial techno noise and clanging breaks – we’re going in!

Boxia on Soundcloud

Boxia on Twitter


01. Grooverider – Sinister (Boxia Re Rub)
02. Boxia – Pandemonium
03. Callahan – Deep Down
04. Akkord – Continuum
05. Tessela vs Loefah – Hackney Veal (Soundbwoy Killahs Back to 95 Mix)
06. Mella Dee – Helter Skelter
07. Special Request – Lockjaw (Akkord Remix)
08. Pablo Nouvelle – Finding You (Benton Remix)
09. Detboi – Patterns
10. Jello – Speed Trip
11. Tessela – Channel
12. Mak Pasteman x Mella Dee – Mad City
13. Tessela – Horizon
14. Tessela – Gateway
15. Etch – Solidfied (Atlas Remix)
16. Dubplate – Submariner
17. Dubplate – Let Up
18. Special Request – Deflowered (Hieroglyphic Being Remix)
19. Dubplate – Darkcore


Your thoughts?

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