Critical Presents: BINARY 002 – KLAX


But a few weeks ago we spoke to Hyroglifics on behalf of Dispatch Recordings, however outside of the Dispatch studio the man was asked to set the pace for Critical’s new Binary imprint, an exciting series of instalments seemingly rigged up to run alongside their similar Systems sounds series. The first episode was no disappointment but now, here we are, four months on and the second Binary installment has landed.

KLAX, three persons from Brighton that I’ve only been aware of in the Lost Souls (Disonta & KLAX) format until now. BINARY 002 is a three track run down of what these yet-to-be-a-household-name boys can do standing on their own six feet. For me, the first two tracks, Blackball & Cornerstone, are my expected but not blown away stompers that any man can easily gromp his way into the dancefloor to. But the real show only starts when you enter the third and final stage of BINARY 002. Hoodrat is the ‘hands moving in every direction’, ‘pull a weird face of appreciation’ and ‘maybe throw both of your arms out to the side, look up at the ceiling with wide and distant eyes, tighten all of your muscles and scream’ track. Experiment with your own bodily movements by pressing play and experiencing KLAX’s BINARY 002 below.

If you found yourself at any point Gromping or Ceiling Searching then go buy yourself an exclusive copy on the Critical Website.

In honor of their installment they even done a cheeky wickle podcast for the Critical heads too which you can occupy an hour with here.




Your thoughts?

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