Vromm – Prototype EP


Will Doc Scotts relevance in the scene we all love and cherish ever wither? No, of course it won’t. Despite not being the most outspoken or glamorous personality in D&B he has never faltered when it comes to delivering his listeners and supporters the music they deserve, whether it be through the top notch productions he has been spewing out through the most influential of D&B labels for the last few decades, through his Future Beats Radio Show or through his home grown label, 31 Recordings. The latest addition to his labels already impressive roster was the previously unknown Vromm.

Vromm’s life seems to have been consistently connected with music but it is only recently that he decided to move to London and see how far he could push the limits of what could be done with 170bpm music, and I do not exaggerate when I say the limits are being pushed. With extended silences and drums that sound like the very fabric of their existence is being twisted and bent into almost unrecognisable instruments this music is not what you would call easy rollers, but then again that’s not what we’ve come to know and love from 31 Recordings. With every release from this label the term Future Beats feels more and more relevant.

Go give Vromm a like on Facebook and Soundcloud  and don’t be afraid to go pick up his new record from over here, lets hope the good Doc has got him cooking up some more audio creations for us as we speak.



Your thoughts?

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