Kimyan Law

Kimyan Law

Kimyan Law cast his imposing auditory silhouette upon the D&B horizon this week with the preview of his first track for Blu Mar Ten (and his first release anywhere from what I understand?). The BMT camp have been teasing us of his impending arrival for the past month or so and I for one was expecting something special despite knowing nothing but his name, he sounds like some sort of insane junglist Tekken character after all.

The release comes as part of a remix compilation that also includes tracks from more established producers Ulterior Motive and Nuage, not bad company to keep for your début release. Nuage’s track is a delightfully slow burning, atmospheric dream of a track whereas Ulterior Motive deliver just what you would expect with a more sinister and heavy track, but despite its added grit, its lost none of the emotion that was evident in the two previous tunes.

BMT have a good track record with getting to young up and comings before they truly find their feet, a prime example being Stray with his track Follow You Around, which continues to be perhaps my favourite piece of electronic music to date. You can get your copies of the ‘Famous Lost Words Remixes: Part 3’ in vinyl or digital formats as of Monday 6th October over here. Buy it, play it, listen to it, cherish it.



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