Coleco – Induction EP

The name Coleco has popped up amid my musical wanderings far too many times in the past fortnight for it to still be coincidence. First a few of his tracks popped up in Fanu’s latest mix for Bassoradio and there was no way I was going to allow a track like You Got Amens to pass under the radar. It was a few days after this that I first heard of the raging jungle wars and one track that kept popping up again and again was Coleco’s ‘Betta Sign Ya Will’ which he used to call out Fanu, Om Unit, Gantz and Moresounds, which is not something any self-respecting producer would do unless they had the chops to back it up, which sure enough he did.

These little snippets of Coleco’s breakbeat driven style of insanity were enough to fuel the rest of my search into his music, and as I dug deeper everything started to come full circle. It turns out that he’s the guy behind Bristol’s Inflect UK, who have been responsible for picking up the new and rapidly evolving sound of D&B and hurtling it into the face of the Bristol underground through a series of club nights, mixes and releases that have showcased some of the finest fresh talent that the 160/170bpm scene has to offer.

Rummaging further still I then came to the real reason for this article, Inflect’s latest release, Coleco’s Induction EP. The sampler is up on Soundcloud and the tracks included do more than deliver to any expectations or preconceptions that may have proceeded its release. Tryptamine especially stands out as the central dance floor track on the release with that deafening silence before the drop opening up into a showcase of tense, paranoid drumming. All in all the EP is sublimely diverse with subsequent tracks showing off their creators fine ear for all sorts of left-field D&B.

Make sure you check out Inflect, make sure you check out Coleco and make sure you buy his Induction EP which comes out today.



Your thoughts?

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