My REAL Apollo 11 Tuesday Chart choice: Sun Om Sun – Zun Twin # 4 Psychoatomic


A few weeks back we celebrated the Apollo 11 moon landing anniversary with a cheeky Tuesday Chart in its honor. Though, as much as I enjoy my chosen track, at the time of choosing I was feeling pretty rushed. I was feeling the pressure. I was entertaining the young Bean-Wee; him sat on the sofa next to me waiting for an offering from myself of possible activities to engage in, me sat bent over my laptop, engrossed in Bite the Belt with no activities at hand to offer whatsoever… He wasn’t going to put up with that sir no I’m telling you now! Me ignoring him for an hour or so as I searched my back-catalog of beats for a perfect choice was not an option on the table. And so I had to make a mad and panicked choice. I went for the first thing that popped into my head….

And now here we are, a few weeks on and the anniversary has been forgotten. In our non-lunar-exploration-peace, last night I decided to go out for a zoot, as I often do when not thinking about moon landings. I ventured out with the mighty Mattaeus McLeanagain and as is often the case, we were soon sparking up and listening to some fine musical treats. Due to a flat battery on Mattingo’s iPod it was up to me to supply the sounds. On this particular night I decided to take the MC Lean on a more complicated musical journey than is perhaps the norm. On this night I dipped into my trove and pulled out an eighteen minute long jam from a bunch or pretty low-key Irish Pyschadelic Rock fiends. And I don’t use the term “fiend” loosely here; they themselves have used the term “fiendish psychedelic fiends” in one of their many aliases on SoundCloud’s bios. Excellent!

I pressed play and the track known as “Zun Twin # 4 Psychoatomic” slowly scratched, itched, wired and vibrated it’s way way into being. And despite all of the time that has passed, the lack of celebration and men on it’s surface, I very quickly regretted not having made this my undisputed choice of Tuesday Chart Apollo moon landing celebration.

For maximum effect in listening to this rhythmical behemoth I suggest you carry on reading before you even consider the prospect of a listen.

In the wake of both Peter & Shoey’s choices my little two minute soundscape piece from a hit & miss audio engineer from NZ just seemed to fade away into the background, a crumbled piece of out of place niceness that just didn’t have the grandeur and mix of emotion to firstly contend with it’s extraordinary competitors and secondly; convay the true message behind one of the most monumental steps ever taken in our entire planetary existence (as far as we know).

And then the Sum Om Sun band steps into the light with, as the track title suggests, the fourth piece of a collective of tracks with some sort of madness behind it. And I don’t mean negative madness, I mean sick madness, powerful madness, passionate madness, psychedelicly fiendish madness… from Ireland.

So sir. If you do have the twenty minutes to spare this live jam performed in the shadow of pyramids…

“in free explorations of the vastness in between the quantum moment of touching axis mundi”

…then please do sir!

It’s probably a very difficult listen for some. More than definitely a totally un-enjoyable listen if you’re tuning in with poor audio equipment. If you’re going to embark on this musical quest then please oh please make sure that you have either high-quality headphones on or high-quality speakers at hand. If not you won’t be able to pick up on all of the individual layers between the mess and will be unfortunately confronted by a seemingly terrible composure of delusional horseshit. Bare in mind that this is a live jam that goes on for eighteen minutes. In the desert. And the levels get pretty wild at times so you need that extra quality in listening to enjoy it without having your ears torn off. If you are without this quality then I’m afraid, for you sir, the journey has ended. Farewell. But if, like me, you’ve got the heisers on or the studio speaks set up… well then by all means proceed sir and become absorbed in this sonic adventure of wild experimentation and genius jamming. These guys are in tune with each-other on a level that only the most madly psychedelic and obscure can be. Om motherfuckers!


Sum Om Sun is just one name of azillion that the band go by; all titles that follow the changing on the Sum… the Sun… Om… the Hindu everything. Om means sun in Latin, it’s an eastern religion favorite, it’s the word that many practitioners of the art of meditation use without question. It’s known as the life giver in science and fiction. It’s a powerful symbol that Sun Om Sun (As they are officially known, notice the “Sun Om” as opposed to “Sum Om”… Sum Om Sun being “the sum of Sun Om Sun”‘… you get it right?) I assume praise and worship in their meditation and possible use of hallucinogenics. And here I am applying that sun adoration as a soundtrack to the first time we touched down on the moon, the opposing master of symbolism that dominates the night’s sky.

Though that contrast only really works if this track is actually about the sun. The band has so much material, a lot of it over fifteen minutes long and all with such obscure names that only the well informed/educated/band members could actually tell you. What we, as unknown lovers looking in, can surmise is this: from this being the only track out of the 4 on the EP at hand that mentions touching Axis Mundi (research and Matt Leanseer’s knowledge of Latin tell me that Axis Mundi is the central point of our world in mythology and religion. A celestial and geographical pole with a thousand different interpretations.) and given the psychedelic, energy and meditative nature of the band, this track, Pyschoatomic, performed by Sum Om Sun, one string of the collective Sun Om Sun, must be about something hella important to these guys and out of courtesy to all of the ties to Axis Mundi, Om, the band and the length of time and scale of adventure involved in its recording and how long you yourself are going to sacrifice listening to it, you should try and take that to whole-hearted account, make it a momentary  twenty minute part of your own being, but at the same time encompass all of the majesty of the first time that the human race set foot on the moon, what they would have seen, what they would have felt, what the world felt and blend it all into one super-soul-enveloping-psychedelic-funk-future-space-journey-life-changing-axis-touching-om-feeling-zugga-zun-zaynay-zoot-toking-void-filling-mind-melting emotion when you finally take the dive… and press play.


You can listen to the full EP; Zubterranean Zero Dub Zun LIVE here

And if you’re feeling extra spiritual, or perhaps you’re tripping balls and you have a few hours spare, then please explore with your eyes, ears and soul the descriptions, sounds, names and entity that is Sun Om Sun:

Sun Om Sun

Sun of Baphomet

Sunny Baphomet

Moon of Baphomet

Sum of Baphomet

Sun Sophia

Star of Sophia

Sum Om Sun

Stay psychedelic kids.



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