An Interview with – Hyroglifics

After a spate of releases on some of the most influential releases in the 170bpm scene from Critical to Dispatch, we decided this young man known as Hyroglifics could be well worth having a little chat with. We wanted to know a little more about this fresh faces past and so we discuss his progression through various labels and the way his music has evolved along the way, along with the usual other random bits and bobs.

Hyroglifics mate, how’s your summer been?

Hello, yeah it’s been pretty good! Went to a few festivals, got sunburn on my forehead and just got back from a holiday in France.

Being a rather pastey individual myself I feel your pain, sunburns no joke. But anyway, when you were a fledgling producer, taking your first few steps into the daunting world of making music for a living, what direction were you heading in, and whose were the first few ears to pluck up at the sounds you were creating?

I guess you could say I started out making quite stripped back deep minimal stuff? And have transitioned into the music I make now. The first people to really pick up on my music were Facing Jinx & Philth who run Peer Pressure Records. I released my debut EP ‘Senseless’ back in 2012 with them. They have both been really supportive of my music over the past few years and are also really awesome guys, so big up! Also Pete from Protect Audio who signed a few of my tunes as well as Basher who runs Proxmity Recordings who released my second EP that really got everyone interested in my music.

I think the first time I started seeing your name knocking about was last year when you were affiliated with Dexta and the Diffrent Music lot. You had a collaborative release with Dexta, the Boxgroove EP, and to be honest it wasn’t what I was expecting (and I don’t mean that negatively!). From what I understand you had released some more techy dnb previously so what made you embrace the more juke’y elements. Did you show up at Diffrent HQ with this idea of trying something new or did they bring you on board to help propel them into new territory?

I’ve always tried to do something different within my music and I think it was just a natural thing to do something with Dexta as we both share similar interests within music. It all came together pretty quickly to be honest. I sent him over ‘Move Over’ and then shortly after that we got in the studio and made Boxgroove.

I feel as though the digital release you had out on Critical not long ago, Binary Vol. 1, really turned some heads. Bay City Ballers Club and Killamanaman were both tracks that I’d heard floating about in mixes for what felt like forever and to find out they were coming from Critical was quite a surprise, how did it feel to have Kasra chasing you about for your tunes?

Yeah, it was pretty cool to be honest! I wrote all of the tunes on the EP in a week and sent them over to Kasra who pretty much signed them the following week, was pretty surreal!

Enough of the past though.  Your debut release for Dispatch went flying through the internet and into the general public’s ears recently, how did you go about approaching these tunes, did the fact they were going to be coming out on Dispatch effect the creative process?

All of the tunes on the EP are fairly old now. I wrote ‘Terra’ at the beginning of the year and sent it over to Kasra who played it in his guest mix for Friction on Radio1 and I think Ant heard it through that and asked to sign it. I had also been in the studio with Kolectiv around the same time when we made ‘Tize’, we sent it over to Ant and he thought it would suit the B side of the release.

The second track on the EP, Tize, features the Kolectiv boys as well, their release on Dispatch a few months back, The Roots EP, was absolute gold and pretty reminiscent of some of your own earlier stuff. How’d you find working with these guys?

Yeah we’ve been friends for a while so was just pretty organic, they are really fun to work with as they always have cool ideas and Sam always has jokes stories especially the one when he nearly died eating a chip.

And also I noticed that Kyrist featured on the final track of the release as her Dispatch debut, she’s from my home town of Luton and has been putting out some great stuff for ages now, have you to had a chance to work together yet?

I haven’t had a chance to work with Kyrist yet, but we’ve played a few sets together last year which were fun!

You had a chance to play any Dispatch events yet? They’re always pretty fucking mad…

Nah, hopefully they will let me play one soon! aha

Haha, we’re hoping as well mate. How was Ivy Labs event, 20/20, the other week btw? They are pushing the whole half-time sound into a real soulful direction, both with their own productions and the artists their booking for these little parties.

Yeah it was an awesome night, the venue was packed out by 11! It gave me a chance to test out some music that I’ve been working on over the past few months and the crowd were really receptive to hearing new music. I’m excited to see who they have down for the next one and how it progresses into next year. The Darkhouse Fam guys killed it too!

Ooooh Darkhouse Fam have been on the radar for a while now, that Brockwild EP was so on point. Safe to assume you’ve got an eye on the D&B scene, but what else has been exciting you lately? Has there been any music improving your life lately that you want to give some love?

All of the music coming from the Keysound camp has been sick! Really loved the latest Wen LP, massive release! Also the latest Submerse LP on Project Mooncircle was amazing. His last two EP’s have been incredible too.

Our BtB kingpin has had a little music crush on Project Mooncircle for a while now and everything he’s shown us has been pretty peng to be fair, definitely a label worth checking out. Seeing as your releasing on Dispatch, do any tracks/releases spring to mind that you think encapsulate their sound for you?

Octane & DLR – Back In The Grind

Cern & Sabre – Pinch Me

Amoss – Shapeshifter feat Fokus

Sabre – Halo Danger

Spinline – Monday Luv (not so much, but this is just an awesome tune)

I’d never heard anything like that Spinline tune on Dispatch before, cheers for the heads up. Given the opportunity to collaborate with anyone, alive or dead, who would you be dragging into the studio?

Kurt Cobain.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us mate, as our closing question can you give us an idea of what you’ve got planned from here on?

I’ve just remixed Falling Stars by Foreign Concept from the Underground Sonics LP, which will be coming out on his ‘Make Meals’ EP next month. I’m also just in the process of finishing off my next EP for Critical that should be dropping around November.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for both those releases, hopefully it’ll be more of the same, and by that I mean hopefully it’ll be unlike anything we’ve heard from you before. Nice one for taking the time to have a chat with us Hyroglifics and I hope that sunburn clears up all right, get some Sudocrem on there!

So there you have it, a safe guy with some impeccable musical taste and a back catalogue that grows more impressive by the month. If you like what you’ve been hearing don’t forget to swap some of your hard earned mullah for his latest release on Dispatch over at their store and thanks to Alex for getting in touch.

Hyroglifics Soundcloud
Hyroglifics Facebook

Dispatch Soundcloud
Dispatch Facebook



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