Quinton A Kilgoe II


Spent the past six hours re-editing my CV to make sure that mother is looking fresh like baby straight out the womb. ‘I can’t believe it took six hours’ is what I’m taking away from the experience. So here I am, it’s something past six in the evening and I’m feeling like I need to exercise my writing abilities in a format that I’m far more comfortable with… the old bloggins. Did some re-posts today on the old BtB SoundCloud Re-Post account and in my repostular travels I came across a powerful new name (nothing out of the ordinary there). But, unlike the ordinary, instead of letting my shamefully throw-away attitude allow for Mr. Powerful New Name, like so many others, to slip off my sound-stellar-radar for ever and ever, I’ve decided to pull him up out of the repostal ocean and give that summin’ summin’ a blog post; in all it’s formated, pictures, paragraphs, hyperlinks and embeded noise glory.

I introduce you fine web searchers to Quinton Kilgoe.

At least I think that’s his name. He’s known as Qman1 on soundcloud and Quinton A Kilgoe II on Facebook, making him the second Quinton A Kilgoe but the first Qman. Though on twitter he likes to go by ArteVeo so there you go.

Though whatever the name we can all agree that his music is a delight to the ear buds. Please listen and agree with us all below.

I’m glad you agree.

Fine, distorted, hip-hop-influenced, instrumental niceties seem to be the specialty of Sir. Quinton “Veo” Kilgoe and that shit’s right up my street. As you all know, I’m a chilled music fan by nurture and a chilled man by nature and Master Qman III’s vibes fall right into that category. They’re weird, hallucinogenic, slightly weightless, in a sense that they have a floating feel as opposed to the heavy-weight mass sound that consumes and oppresses, a sound more commonly found in my other ritual music love which is primarily electronic bass music. Or in contrast, a multitude of other hip-hop influenced styles such as Horror-Core & Trap. This isn’t even that sunshine yardy style of chilled either, it’s something else, something far more watery, far more European…. or something. I don’t know man…

I think my brain’s too tired from editing my CV for a real analysis to be honest. A poor show really and six hours of basic editing is a poor excuse for poor writing, I know, but we’ll let it slide yeah? At the end of the day, I’m delivering high quality music straight to your brain, anything more than that is a courtesy that you should be sending letters of thanks for.

So this has been another post with a high degree of lazy journalistic character behind it; I did minimal research, I only heard the music that I’m writing about… well, I’m discovering it and listening to it for the first time in full as I’m writing about it. There’s a multitude wrong with this but what I do know for definite, a conclusive 100%, is that the above track IS possibly a Soulection release… because the hashtag describing it says “soulection”…

Ahh fuck it man!! I’ll at the very least have a look up on that for you…

Okay I tried and I can’t find anything, the only link I can find is that Mr. Carmack (Signed to Soulection) did like the track. Whether it’s a release on the label or not I don’t know, but it’s definitely worthy material.

Anyway, regardless of being a rambling lazy writer tonight, I know you still enjoyed yourselves so what does it even matter? It’s the taking part that counts.

I’ll end on the note that this whole thing started on, my first Quinton encounter:

an EP of Adam Santoya remixes from the Q-Man Art-Kilgoe “Quinton A Veo” IIII’1st himself.

I don’t know who Adam Santoya is.

Quinton A Kilgoe II
Quinton Kilgoe II



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