Soul Intent – Cowboy Town

Sweet sweet Nottingham, this magical town holds a special place in the collective heart of all Bite the Belt contributors. The reasons for this are many but ranking pretty high amongst them is the musicality that it has oozing out of its every orifice. Soul Intent is a more than worthy ambassador for the cities sounds and has been pushing his own D&B  productions for round about a decade, the lastest of which: Cowboy Town, has just seen a vinyl release via his own imprint, Lossless Music.

Intricate, heavy hitting and masterfully produced. The first two tracks of this release are first class reminders of how strong conventional D&B can be in a scene that is currently being dominated more by experimentation with genres from across the Atlantic. It also includes a haunting 140bpm remix of the title track courtesy of  a producer called Odyssia. The release has been getting universal praise and reached no. 4 of the D&B charts over at Juno Records as well, so if you’ve got a few quid lying about don’t be afraid to grab yourself a copy.




Your thoughts?

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