Submerse – ‘Approaching Ends’ Official Video


Submerse has been on my radar for a long old while and the Project: Mooncircle crew, even more so, since discovering who they were. Both intricate musical desires that fulfill every subtle electronic want of those who like to drift back into soft cushions and forget the world. Everything about both producer and label speak subtleties, organic sampling, natural noise, quiet and peace. Of course the same applies to this track ‘Approaching Ends’, featuring on the beautiful ‘Slow Waves’ album released earlier this month. The literally horrible twist to this piece of music, however, is the dreamlike video that accompanies it. Something that massively reflects a near disaster that a whole bunch of us here at Bite the Belt faced this weekend with a very close friend. Luckily he’s absolutely fine but the whole contrast between the immediate joy and excitement I felt around this drug-party-induced-come-down with pillow fights, blazing and sloppy dancing with drastic switch to dreamlike helplessness, fear, confusion and overhanging dread is almost a bang on reflection to what happened to us in a near identical state.

When I started watching, as with many music videos, especially ones for electronic music, you don’t really take track title into account. You just kind of watch and see what happens. And so I did. For the first minute and a half I thought “Fucking hell this looks like a sick come-down. Well relaxed. Well nice gaff too.” but my content soon turned to confusion as I started to question the welfare of a few members of the video, I’d already noted that a few guys were clearly in some sort of a lost hole but I figured they were having a good time, not that they were dead. All the pieces of this beautiful picture started to fall together as I came to the realisation that these guys were all topping themselves off. That wasn’t a massive great party pill that she chugged down at the start of all this, that was a suicide pill, she didn’t lay down with her tripping mate to snuggle, she was laying down with her dead friend to die with her. That guy passed out on the table and the same one on the floor aren’t passed out at all, they’re dead too. Those tears aren’t tears of heightened emotions, there tears of sadness because for some reason they’re all dying. The only thing I was now left with was a question of ‘Why?’ Why are they all popping off in this state? Fortunately you do find out and given the circumstance, this seems like one of the most beautiful ways to go and although we’re billions of years off this happening, I think this is the way I’d like to go out too. With friend and the one you love most in the world, enjoying life and just being with each other… and having a few drugs in your system would be nice, just to take the edge off.

Powerfully sad and serene video, though I wouldn’t expect anything less from the PMC crew.

Project Mooncircle

Buy the incredible Slow Waves album here. Available on Vinyl, CD & even on beautiful Cassette.

Well tempted to buy the cassette just because of how beautiful it looks. Even though I have nothing to play it on.



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