Itoa – Peng

I have never NOT wanted a kebab more my entire life. 

The WW Records boys are going full frontal greasy meat nudity with the official video for Itoa‘s track ‘Peng’ which dropped at the very end of last year. It was only a month later that I heard about these guys (WW) and so this sick little beat slipped my radar and I’m stoked that it’s finally made it’s way into my knowing as it’s an absolute winner!

My lack for love, however, is in the video. Well that’s a lie, I think it’s a sick video. Sickening for myself but also sick in that it’s well jokes in a very sinister and grim way. Can you even call rotating meat and people eating it sinister? Veggies and vegans would. Animals with a more complex conscious state of being would. And I’m calling it man… I’m calling it right fucking now!

Perhaps I’m completely biased because I’m no lover of the Kebab at all. Shish-kebab? Fucking yes mate! Delicious flame grilled chunks of well known meat on a stick alongside rough cut pieces of onion, garlic, peppers, tomato and whatever else you wanna get on there.

Shish absent Kebab though? Peng? Fuck off!

itoa-peng (1)

Grease dripping strands of mystery meat swimming on top of a sodden piece of lowly pitta with a hash-job cut of sweaty veg, often including a mountain of too much red-cabbage… who the fuck wants that? Apparently the whole fucking country!! I’ve had a couple of kebabs in my time and the first I hated, second time around I went for chicken and enjoyed it. Though to be fair I was fucked and it doesn’t really count because when you say “Kebab” you mean the dreaded “Doner”. And Doner just does not do it for me man.

This video highlights just about everything that I hate about the Doner Kebab, sweaty, greasy, damp, unidentified meat on heaped mass in a shitty sweaty little styrofome tray. And that’s the joyous irony that I’m sure Itoa is going for in this wicked little bit for ‘Peng’. I’m sure the word has been used in the high thousands to describe these rotating meat demons of drunken enticement and I’m sure it’s also been used to describe the equally grim vom that follows 50% of consumation. (That’s consume-ation, not cosummation). Peng is being used here in a sort of double-entendre type fashion though it’s not quite the same, I’m sure my Journo boys would be able to tell me the term here for when you use one word to describe something in two opposite ways…? Fuck knows…

Anyway, big ups to the WW Records massive and Itoa, well need to party with you heads soon.

Let’s just not end up at the Turkish afterwards yeah?

Grab your copy of Peng EP here and get into the sweaty grooves. Absolute bangers in store.




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