K.J Palmer & KAi – Manslaughter

Happy Wednesday my feverish digits.

“Woah slow down bruv. I’m happy about being referred to as ‘just another number on your daily hit-rate’ but what are you talking about ‘feverish’? Man’s feeling fresh like I just left a number-after-one in the bowl and cleaned up with Andrex’s new wet washelts fam!” I hear you cry. Well let me riddle you this real quick; what did you come here for if not nonsense dickhead? Now stop winging in a satirical badman way about the minor details, plug your headphones in, calm down and bop to this one.

The man holding the main reigns on this beat, KJ Palmer, has been on us for a while, sending us this and that and it’s about time we gave him a shout on here. So here it is…

“Nice one KJ the tune’s deece!”

Na but in all seriousness this dude’s a multi-talented individual, alongside rapping he’s also the engineer behind his musical business and on top of that, the geezer is a pretty sick photographer too. Interested now aren’t you? Yeah I thought so.
Check out the rest of his business in the links below:

KJ Palmer.com



Your thoughts?

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