Tuesday Chart – The Commonwealth Games: Glasgow


As the lands of the Commonwealth challenge each others athletic abilities in the rain, Bite the Belt takes a Tuesday moment to think on the incredible music that hales from our bonny Scotland, aside from old Subo, Rod and miss Macdonald. Our focus was of course, Glasgow and by gum did we unearth a couple of treasures.

Ryan: Texas – The Hush [Mercury Records, 1999]

This track takes me back to my childhood. I remember my mum playing her Texas cassette when I was but a wee little nipper and The Hush is the song that really stuck. At the time I didn’t know why I was so drawn to this tune but listening back now, with a more discerning ear, it’s a multi-layered, trip-hop inspired Glaswegian jewel that wouldn’t seem out of place on a Portishead LP.

Josh: Primal Scream – Slip Inside This House [Columbia – 1992]

I was going to go for Craig Armstrong until I remembered that Primal Scream were from Glasgee. This track was original by a psychedelic rock band called 13th Floor Elevators and was later reworked by the legends that are Primal Scream yet still retained all of the mad far eastern influences that original 31th Floor front man wanted to encompass in the track. Forever a classic track of my childhood and like Shoey, all credit to my mum and her love for 90s lounge music.

Peter: Mogwai – I’m Jim Morrison, I’m Dead [Wall of Sound, 2008]

Pete’s hanging out with Sam and I think they’re deep in the mix and consequently can’t write anything about this track, we can only assume that if he had written something, that it would have been very good. Sick tune anyway.

Props to the Commonwealth Games for still going strong even though, as Bolt definitely did say, they are a bit shit in comparison to the Olympics. Nice one Glasgow for being such a sick City and for having such a sick musical Output, could do a powerful essay on all of the musical gems that you have to offer.



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