Tuesday Chart – Apollo 11 Moon Landing Anniversary


In the late 60s, when everyone was starting to come down hard, a load of chumps, I assume still caught up in the free-love action, thought to end the party with a bang. They put themselves through some, frankly grueling, physical training, which would have been really fucking hard… or potentially really fucking easy I suppose (dependant on what drugs they were in to), to assure that they could survive a high-speed journey in an explosive ship, that has to fall apart to make any progress, a few hundred thousand miles to a big, smiling, half-visible, slightly-egg-shaped mass of cheese in the area above the sky that we like to call space. They got there around 8 in the evening on July 20th 1969, said some 10/10 cringe to go down in the vaults of history forever, took a few selfies way before it was a thing and put up a flag for all of the lifeless matter around them to see and adore. A monumental moment in our development as a species that many believed would never happen and many now believe never even happened at all.

But whatever you believe, cast it all aside right fucking now. You’re wrong! The moon IS real and if you don’t believe me just look up at a good clear nights sky and have a hunt around for it. It’s quite easy to spot, it’s massive and white and doesn’t look anything like cheese at all and when you do finally see it you’ll be like; “Yeah man what’s the cheese thing about?” and also feel like such a dick for not believing that it exists in the first place… The whole part about the landing on it though? And the wind-blown flag thing? Well that potentially has conspiracy written all over it and if I were you I’d freak out pretty hard over it until the truth is unveiled! It was probably an Illuminati scheme to distract our attention for a while whilst they went out into the streets and used the real technological advancements of our race at the time, some sort of solar-absorbing reverse gun that harvests energy from the sun, energy that they then used to create Jay Z, who was “borne” only a few months later. THAT’s why they don’t want to switch to solar power, because they know that if we harness too much, we’ll end up with an unfathomable amount of global Hip-Hop stars and the in-abundance of other musical styles will eventually cause the universe to collapse in on itself and end the existence of everything that ever was forever and ever.

Anyway, to celebrate what actually is an awe inspiring feat in engineering, human endurance and props to our mental capacity to do more than any other conscious being on the planet ever (whether it happened then or not, it happens now and has been happening a fair while.) we have put together a few bits and pieces that we think would be fitting soundtracks to those first moments on the moon and overall exploration of space on the whole. I think we could all collectively think of hundreds of tunes each that would work but in the end you can only pick one… though in 60 odd years when moon travel is like going to spain for a cheap one with the family you can just take your iPod with you and put it on shuffle anyway so maybe you should just sack off the idea of going any further in reading this…

Peter “Waxing” Fitzpatrick: Sonic Youth – Moonface [DGC – 1992]

The instrumental version of the Sonic Youth track ‘JC’, from the Dirty Deluxe Edition. The absence of Kim Gordons harrowing vocals really redirects attention to the atmosphere that is created by the instruments alone. One of my favourite instrumental pieces from one of my favourite bands.

Josh “Waning” Swanson: Module – Beneath A Calm Surface [Self Released – 2012]

This featured in an early days Bite the Belt post, probably found the tune and the guy behind it about three years ago. It was like a quick-fix romance. Now he’s out of my musical life but not in memory. My initial thoughts on first hearing this and forever were… moon. Be it spacial exploration or simply gazing upwards at the stars, the thought was always moon and beyond.

Ryan “wait, what?” Shoesmith: Funkadelic – Maggot Brain [Westbound Records – 1971]

A repeat fixture in any reputable list of top guitar solos, this track is the epic upshot of the bands founder, George Clinton, suggesting while high on LSD that lead guitarist, Eddie Hazel, should imagine he had been told that his mother was dead but later discovered she was alive. A wacky idea with an mind-melting result which becomes even deeper when you learn the entire song was recorded in one take. When I first heard Maggot Brain I remember thinking there was something otherworldly about it and I suppose the instrumental is so rigged with emotion that it takes listeners to a far away place. I was going to say if only this had been released two years sooner to coincide with the moon landing but maybe the Apollo 11 mission should have waited. RIP Eddie Hazel. 


Big ups to the moon, big ups to gravity for keeping it in orbit and stopping it from smashing into us & big ups to conspiracy fanatics all over the world… if it even is a world?



Your thoughts?

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