The Artist Formerly Known as Lemon D: K-AZE


Junglist heavyweight, D&B pioneer and Valve Recordings general, Lemon D hasn’t done badly for himself over the years. As of late though I hadn’t heard much of the guy, and now I know why. Turns out he’s been in his cave conjuring up a deliciously fresh batch of sounds.

The track that caught my attention is Warrior Groove, it came out a few months back, and was released on the Bristol based Gutterfunk imprint, DJ Die’s relatively young new project. Its my latest discovery in a long list of tracks that take influence from jungle, half time D&B, footwork and dubstep, a blend of sounds that doesn’t seem to be loosing momentum in the slightest.

Its nice to see some of the old veterans keeping up  with today’s younguns, and it can’t even be considered bandwagon jumping either as the track in question had been floating about for a good two years at least. I’m looking forward to seeing what Lemon K-AZE treats us to next, and will be keeping an eye on Gutterfunk in the coming months, with Die at the helm of this multi-genre’d faucet of electronic music I doubt this will be the last we hear of them.




Your thoughts?

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