Tuesday Chart 2.0 – The Revamp


Ah the Tuesday Chart, it’s been limping along, just about keeping up with our frantic lifestyles and endless tirade of tunes, but as of late it had begun to loose its urgency. It no longer has that sense of competitiveness. We all have the odd nice tune tucked up our sleeve that could be thrown down on a Tuesday eve and so we felt ourselves becoming lazy, and we didn’t like it, a bit like how you play Need for Speed Most Wanted until its no longer challenging. The thrill is gone. How do you locate that once sweet thrill? You start playing Need for Speed Pro Street. Unlike Need for Speed Pro Street though, this reincarnation of the Tuesday Chart is not going to be a boring, overly polished waste of £35.

From this Tuesday forward, a topic will be selected at random around which all entries must have at least a reasonable connection to. It could be a specific artist, a certain genre, an entire continent or someone’s favourite colour. This first topic was selected by our leader, who has been off climbing mountains and bunning zoots in the furthest corners of the isle. And hence our first topic: The Land of the Valleys, Wales.

Swanathon Ross: Stereophonics – Everyday I Think of Money [V2 Records, 2001]

From the album that I loved as a nine year old child, Just Enough Education to Perform, I bring you my Tuesday Chart choice. Perhaps the Stereophonics weren’t genius in their music but their straight up British attitude that reflects through their musical insights and style is enough to make them a winner for me. And it was beautiful to see how well it fit our surroundings, though they were from a lot further south than where we were.

Caravan Holiday would have been a class choice though we actually stayed in an Apartment that was surrounded by caravans.

Peter: John Cale – The Philosopher [Reprise Records, 1972]

It would be easy to ramble about his collaborations with X, Y & Z or the fact that he’s put out however many albums and that he once started that band that got kind of big in the 60’s….But this list isn’t about any of that, this list is about Wales, and I would be hard pressed to think of any valley dweller whose done more for music than Mr Cale and his dissonant strings.

Ryan: Led Zeppelin – That’s The Way [Atlantic, 1970]

No. Led Zeppelin are not Welsh. This track was though inspired by Robert Plant and Jimmy Page’s time spent in Bron-Yr-Aur, Plant’s childhood holiday cottage, which can be found in Powys. The pair wanted to escape after their North American tour and so moved their families and started jamming together in the countryside. Volume turned down, effects switched off, Led Zeppelin showed how multidimensional they could be via this previously unheard barebones approach to writing music.



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