NEW: Bon Iver – Heavenly Father


There was a time in my life; young and confused, trying to get to grips with the finer details, extravagant & minor, defining the life of the youth and the challenges of the adult. Three years single and chasing the tail. A young explorer in the wide world of musical majesty. Clambering my way out of the more vibrant, neon cities of the kids and discovering darker and deeper avenues, for deeper and darker people, on a more regular basis, and loving them more. A few years prior and I had been watching a festival late at night and seen a performance that blue my balls out of my eye-sockets and churned my sweet sad empathetic heart into an eyes-closed swaying lump of musical fiending love. I had no idea who it was or what the song was called and I spent a very long year trying to find out just exactly those two pieces of information. When the day finally came I knew in an excited instant that I loved Bon Iver. It was like some wild musical man crush. And now I knew the name of the love I’d glimpsed just once all those months before. Justin Martin. Up there as a man I respected paramount. Still…

Two years on and I have all of his material and I love it so. I sing it in the showers. I hum it on a walk. I sympathize. I fiend it hard. Time goes by and now we’re another three years into the journey. I still love the man, the project itself. But I just haven’t kept up to date, or either he hasn’t released anything in a long while… I’m not sure which of those it is because I haven’t bothered to investigate, like the lazy bastard that I am, but that’s just honesty… you slut. Anyway today I came across something new from my old musical lover and it pleased me like a good back scratch pleases a bear.

This is a perfect follow on from the last album, Holocene, a beautiful concoction of synth-enthused waterlike music, floating and rippling, flowing and bubbling, echoing and ever changing. Cold and sad. But full of life and love. Yet, this track is a long throw from that first glance that had me fall in love. The original forested camp-fire, a ring of sodden earth around it surrounded by the quiet snow and the firs tickling the wind. A zugga-zun-zaynay on the go, sat back on an old log, watching the fire dance in the night.



Your thoughts?

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