Roadkill Ghost Choir – A Blow To The Head

Discovered these guys about three years ago on New Dust and their track, Drifter, cemented them a firm place in the Gem Sack (A feature lost but not forgotten and maybe one day to return.).

Since then I’ve heard nothing and consequently the Roadkill Ghost Choir boys have moved to the back of my mind. I was so beyond pleasantly surprised when I saw a single upload from them on SoundCloud last week though I never got round to listening to the full thing (because of constant tube riding and lack of internet at home in the evenings) until this Friday when I was leaned back and feeling lean with the MC Lean somewhere out in the Essex countryside weave of backroads watching a beautiful sunset.

Fitting for these country boys, though their country setting is far more dust and desert, they’re from the far American South. Florida boys, Deland, and you only have to listen to their music to work that one out. It’s Folk-Rock. It’s highway riding, soft-top down, zoots blazing, care-free rock that may well result in Roadkill. It’s haunting, as Ghosts should be. It’s harmonious, progressive and inspiring as any Choral works should be.

I love it man. Big ups for still going strong and finally stepping back up to the musical table.



Your thoughts?

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